Release date: 2 October 2003

Download .map source:

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL

Notes: This map was building for a very long time. Some of its rooms were built back in 98/00’s when i was learning mapping. Of course there aren’t any traces of the old look these rooms had. Everything retextured, improved, etc. And of course there are loads of new, just built stuff. A couple of weeks ago I got a sudden desire to finish this map that was lying on my heart as a heavy stone. And I did it. I polished it rather well i think. Tested properly, tuned for each skill, etc. And of course one of the main reasons to continue working on this map was amazing textureset made by Kell. It inspired me to build stuff. Kudos to Kell for such a nice set!

Fat Controller – Vondur’s produced a challenging map (with or without secrets) that uses Kells’ texture set in the canonical fashion, but also tosses in some ideas not seen in Kell’s original maps.
glassman – I like the way the architecture is subordinated to the gameplay but still looks good & spectacular in places.
Shambler – But it was really nice to see a Q1 map with interesting gameplay, don’t see much of that these days.
Morfans – Great look, great gameplay. Thank-you for making this map. It’s the Quake equivalent of fellatio.
biff – it’s like Heretic on steroids, but with way better lighting.
Abyss – Excellent stuff, a pleasure to play.
Kell – Vondur, I love you and I want to have your little gothic ruskie babies.
Underworldfan – Still, this was a highly enjoyable map, solid architecture, those superb textures, and flowing gameplay which possibly could have been tougher.