Adamantine Cruelty

Release date: 3 March 2004

Download .map source:

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL

Notes: Well, this map is my attempt to make a non-blocky map. I decided to use id textures because I got tired to look for some custom ones. id’s ones are always helpful :) Also I tried to make non-linear gameplay here. However, it’s getting more linear closer to the end of the map. The map is turned to be rather big. I’ve had met some technical limitations even so I had to cut some things off. But now it’s playable even in good old WinQuake but with maxsurfs and maxedges raised a bit. Have fun!

CZG – Oh yes Awesome!.
Shambler – It’s not blocky enough.
windlash – A+ job Vondur, that was a very good level.
nitin – The most amazing thing IMHO is the layout.
Fat Controller – I Like This Map.
metlslime – This map rocks.
Scragbait – Great Quake crawler map and I play the way it’s meant to be played – fight – explore – look around – no rush.
Underworldfan – A large, superbly inter-connected, catacomb of terror. =)
Tyrann – Nice work Vondur!