Sudden luck

Wandering through the filthy wastes of russian internet I stumbled across some obscure forum with a lot of used music CDs being on sale. Reading countless lines of offered stuff I found two rare gems I lost hope to find. This is Thorr’s Hammer“Dommedagsnatt”, the first release of Southern Lord label. Of course I got the reissue pressed in 2006, but still, the price was under 10bucks so who cares, also the box was wrapped in plastic, meaning it was absolutely new! This is proper doom with nice female vocals including proper doom growling. You cannot miss this one if you’re into doom.

The second one is also quite difficult to find Cathedral“The VIIth Coming”. This album is hard to find mostly because it was released long ago (’02) on some weird american label which mostly specializes on pop. Still, it’s proper Cathedral release with a lot of varied styled songs. I was hunting for this one for quite some time too. Looks like it’s useful to dig into the piles of used CDs monitoring local forums for rare stuff afterall ;)

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