Well, nothing really new here since the last update. The only thing that’s worth mentioning that I’ve experienced real nasty frosts here last week (-30CЛљ). Actually such frosts isn’t somehting really special for Russia, but they’re quite rare last times. All the ppl here went mad discussing it. Also, there were some stirings on the webbies of my friends: Paul and GomJabbar managed to switch to WordPress too and they now have new and shiny blogs. As you can see they update them almost daily, I wonder how long it’ll last :) I’ve sold my mpio mp3 player recently and aiming for the ipod (yeah I’m fucking sellout here, couldn’t resist), but I plan buying it not tomorrow but closer to the spring when I’ll be able to walk in the headphones. I’ve replayed Doom3 and ROE once again (on the proper hardware now), and I’d say that d3 rocks and it’s true hardcore fps game. I’d consider it’s better than Quake4 even! So, to sum the above jabber up, life goes on day by day here and nothing extraordinary happens during these long winter nights.

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  1. bear Says:

    Oi! I also use wordpress but unlike the otherse I know not to update so often!

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