The music for the late summer

Finally the weather calmed down: cold winds, low grey clouds and occasional rains happen here on a regular basis. I can think again, I have motivation. Northern hemisphere aligns for the cold times – the proper times. All this is being supported by the pack of relatively weird music I got during last 2 weeks.

Ruhr Hunter“Torn of This”. I was recommended to check this one. Very nice mix of folk and ambient. It’s very much forest music. A lot of field recording and live instruments make it sound natural and submerge you to the night forest atmosphere. I checked their myspace and found that the new track from yet to be released album rocks my world – throat singing with ritual music always was my fave mix.

Derniere Volonte“Immortel”. Derniere became so pop it’s scary. Still it has that attractive melodies and vocals of Geoffroy to it. Speaking of vocals it became lighter, like he’s singing half strength. Some tracks have proper vocals and they definitely sound better. Weird album in band’s evolution. Still cool and brings that DV mood. Need to get used to it though.

Deutsch Nepal“Silent Container”. This is reissue of the old limited cassettes in one 3CD pack. The timespan of these disks is around 10 years, so the difference in music is quite noticeable. This release shows the evolution of Deutsch Nepal and should be in collection of every DN fan.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio“Apocalips”. Another fine release of this scandinavian neofok band. Calm guitar/synth melodies with erotic hue over them makes it nice relaxing and dark music. The last 2 albums of the band are their greatest indeed.

Horologium“Earthbound”. I was recommended to get this release. I’m usually not В a big fan of martial stuff, but this release contains some nice ideas. Not all tracks are of my fave but still, some melodies are quite aggressive and interesting in rhythm and lyrics. There are some ambient like inserts as well.

Nordvargr/Surachai“A Wilderness of Cloades”. The weirdest release from all in this pack. Strangest mix of dark ambient of HNB and unkown to me before japanese artist Surachai. There’s everything: dark ambient, guitar noise, pure noise and other weird thing these two created and mixed together. This album requires several attempts to get grasp of it.

Der Blutharsch“Live in Leiden”. Live recorded in Leiden features old but best tracks of the band. Their live performances are rich of proper fluid sound and energy. I wish they come here some time.

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