Impending New Year

Revelation_Space.jpgI think this is the last post in the year of 2005. Here’s short status report. No new games or records were acquired and played/listened. Though, I’ve got new books I ordered from the UK. These are the three books of my fave Iain Banks: Consider Phlebas, Algebraist and Dead Air. Looking forward to reading them. Currently I’m in the middle of the Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space hard sci-fi novel. Enjoying its scientific hue and vast scale of events in space and time. So here I am, fighting with flu and getting ready to meet 2006 in good spirit.

7 Responses to “Impending New Year”

  1. popaka Says:

    merry capitalist christmas!

  2. Vondur Says:

    thanks, jesse :D

  3. ELEK Says:

    Neal Stephenson at his best, check it out Von!

  4. Vondur Says:

    oh, thanks, elek! :)

  5. Bal Says:

    Von I luv j00! Don’t forget to read Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds too. =)
    (and yeah Neal Stephenson is ok, even though quicksilver seemed a bit boring)
    Oh, and I’m posting on old news, yeah I know, but I’m bored at school. =)

  6. Vondur Says:

    BAL! where are u bastid? i don’t see you on irc! :)
    kthx for the info.

  7. Bal Says:

    My ISP is b0rked, every night I get disconnected every few minutes, so coming on IRC is pretty pointless… =( And I’m at school or work during the day, so bleh. I NEED SOME CHEESY ACTION FFS.

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