Fat Weekend

Yeah, this weekend was full of events. Everythign started with the friday night party with friends. The next day I went to the Messer Chups gig. Bought their last record from the artist themselves (asked for the autograph of course too ;). This album rocks! For me, it’s their best album: more nice guitar music and less evil samples from the movies :) Oh and I got to see Zombie Girl live, she’s so cute when she plays her bass. And the Oleg Gitarkin is funny duder as well. I’ve got a lot of positive there. But that’s not all! I went to the Rapoon show this night! I never listened to Rapoon before. Though I’ve got some mp3s of it just to know that stuff it is. I liked mp3s so I went to the show being prepared for the good. And I wasn’t dissapointed, it turned to be rather nice ethno ambient. Good thing is that there were chairs. So I dozed off even. The music was quite meditative and deep. This show was quite nice refreshment for the whole weekend :) There are some pics I made there, gonna hang them in the gallery soon, I’m kinda tired at the moment and pics require some Photoshop treatment. Expect them soon.

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