Changing gear

After 4 years of weak usage I finally sold my Nikon D80. I never really liked this camera due to alot of reasons: it’s big and heavy and I never really liked images it produces. Yes they were sharp and all, but there was no that finish which I so liked in my old Sony 717. So as you can see I stopped putting images here on my site just because I never was truly satisfied with them. Maybe I’m just too lame for that camera, and maybe I had to edit them in Photoshop for the release, but it turned that I’m too weak for it and not so dedicated. So, the decision came after the year of pondering and I finally sold it on auction for quite ok price. And I wasn’t even sure with what camera I’m gonna replace it.

During the week of selling process I started digging for the new camera. And to my surprise I found very new one from Sony – NEX-5. Whole idea if this camera repeats my old Sony 717: tilting screen (quite big and sharp now), live view, etc. But adds another new cool features like HDTV movie and replaceable lenses. So my soul was sold instantly and I started to wait for it to appear on sale, and bought it the week it started to be available. I hope I’ll return to my humble photo hobby with it because it’s small and comfy and produces great pictures. Here are two silly images I took today when going to work.

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