Still Growing

Today is a Big Number day. My collection just reached the number of 800 CDs. It all started back in 1993, and now, 17 years later (oh my), I have such a big pile of plastic and paper oozing with grim music. I have troubles storing them all as I ran out of rack space for quite some time now, and I was looking for proper giant rack, but it’s not an easy task as they’re usually limited for 200 CDs maximum. Looks like I’m gonna get drown in my own collection soon.

Today I’ve got another great album by the Naevus – “Silent Life”. I like this band quite a lot. Calm rock with nice catchy melodies and clear vocals that I don’t have troubles understanding words. Very well done music, it merges interesting lyrics and proper rock sound. Looks like I’m seriously hooked and gonna get more albums.

Second CD is Tho-So-Aa – “Identify”. This is further development of this interesting dark amient act. This time it went exploring interesting area of multilayered dark ambient, featuring drones and noises that add that special old movie hue to the music. Quite interesting and unusual ambient, always happy to see such projects develop with time.

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  1. jesse Says:

    or build your own

  2. Vondur Says:

    Ye, seem this is the only option. Ones you showed on that site impossible to get here, they’re nice and big though.

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