Chtonic rites

After a year of hunt I finally got Moss – “Chtonic Rites” CD thanks to the vast mailorder catalogue of Relapse and possibility to order it from them. Now В I finally gathered all Moss full length albums and ready to submit my soul to Chtulu when the time comes. Looks like it’s impossible to get the rest of EPs and splits in my current situation, but to hell with that. Chtonic Rites is first album that hooked my attention to this uber grim act. Endless drones and immense heavyness of sound is what my soul needs on a regular basis.

Annotations of an Autopsy – “Before The Throne of Infection”. It took quite some time for me to track this first full length of this quite nice UK band. Then Relapse came and saved my day. This album is a bit better than the last one as it doesn’t afraid to be experimental. There’re better vocals (pig squealing prevails) and more heavy drums.

Negligent Collateral Collapse – “Reprocess Segment Database Extender”. This is my fave Chezh grind band for several years now, and I’ve abandoned the idea to get any of their albums due to underground nature of the band. But again, Relapse’s bottomless mailroder saved my day and it turned they have some of the NCC albums in stock. This is NASA grindcore, featuring lyrics about space, physics and pig squealing vocals. What alse one needs for his grind appetite?

Eardelete – “Zombieology”. This band is almost NCC as it was started after NCC ceased to exist, so it’s the same mad and fun grindcore. But with more common for grindcore theme: zombies, corpses and such. More piercing and heavy guitar sound and still the same niceВ humorВ filled atmosphere of NCC which I like a lot. They’ve released new album titled “Scalpeology” recently, gonna grab that one too.

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