The Men Among The Ruins

Been on “The Men Among The Ruins” show yesterday. I’m not a big fan of Allerseelen, but I own several its albums though, the music attracts me by something subtle and weird. I was so silly that I didn’t take my camera to the gig. And I’m a fool. Because Allerseelen live just rocks! It was very powerful. But let me tell everything in order. The concert featured 3 acts actually, first were russian Neutral. Well they’re dark-folk of some lower standards. Boring and malencholic pieces were performed by the three guys. I yawned alot and waited for them to finish. I don’t like such a downcast dark-folk with no energy inside. After the long pause austrian Allerseelen appeared on the stage. The first thing that blew my head off was the powerful bass sound generated by the bass player. It amazed me during the entire performance. The guy played very psychedelic and interesting, he knows his business for sure. I was told he plays live with Der Blutharsch, no wonder, he’s a gem. Also there was a drummer and the Kadmon himself. I liked how he moved on stage while singing (talking?), it was like marching. Anyway, the live performance is much much more energetic than the albums. Now I’ll have to re-listen all my Allerseelen cds with the refreshed mind. The next were the band I’ve never listen to before – Changes. This is american act performing dark-folk. There are two old guys, both singing and one of them’s playing guitar. I didn’t expect much because this is not my type of music. But I was pleased anyway because these people created somewhat warm and good atmosphere with their tunes. Gotta get their records for better familiarization. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t take my camera with me, I suck immensely…

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  1. popaka Says:

    sounds like fun, alas such shows rarely make it to this Disco house fueled city.

  2. Vondur Says:

    oh pope, it’s all the same here.
    mosku is oozing with popshit, and such gem shows are fucking rare… sigh.

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