Call of Duty 2

Finished this game recently and enjoyed it alot. The missions were fast, brutal and very much warlike. Uhmm, I never been at actual war but I think that the game represents war’s action rather pecisely. At least it’s pretty close to that old black/white documantary you can see on the history channel. WWII game developers reached the perfection in their games. I’m not a big fan of realistic games, and I was rather sceptic regarding this game as well, but decided to try it out just to check what’s the level of realism and fun is in the modern WWII games. And I was pleased. Recommended for anyone who loves WWII setting and enjoyed the first game.

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  1. Pauk Says:

    Yeah I thought it was excellent too. Have to say its been this style of FPS thats kept me interested. Stuff like Doom 3 and Quake 4 is the same game we were playing 10+ years ago but with prettier graphics. I think with COD (and others) they have a level of atmosphere thats more engrossing… although thats probably because its more realistic and I can relate to it more :).

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