Entering Nordvargr

This weekend still brings new CDs I didn’t expect I’m gonna buy that soon. These two CDs were spotted while ago by me but due to some unknown reasons weren’t obtained. And now the time has come:
Henrik Nordvargr BjГ¶rkk – The dead never sleep. This one was released on Old Europa CafГ© recently. And again, like Awaken CD this is the same quality black ambient. I consider Nordvargr is the best master of the dark ambient these times. He brings so much new to the style you won’t believe. He makes good old LustmГёrd sound too oldskool. This CD is very dark, its theme aligned to the dead as you might have guessed from the title. And it works out this title completely. Recommended.
Merzbow vs Nordvargr – Partikel. I was circling around this record for quite some time now. But recently one internet pal gave me mp3s of this one and I was completely hooked. Last two days I listen to this record almost constantly. And at last I’ve got the CD, so I can delete mp3s to hell. This is hi-end mix of the dark ambient and harsh noise. And this is a perfect blend because this record was performed by the masters of their styles. Released on the nice UK Coldspring label. Highly recommended.

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