New Records

Time to buy new music. The first three CDs were obtained on the Therapy Through Violence gig mentioned in the older news.
N|B|K / Natural Obscenity in Sexual Experiments – this is split CD of the russian projects from Kazan. It crushed on my head quite suddenly when the headwoman of N|B|K knocked to my ICQ several days ago. She directed me to her project and label sites, I’ve downloaded sample mp3s and was surprised by the music. She said she’s going to Moscow to that gig and I asked her to get one CD for me. Thus I managed to get one of the last copies of this rather quality project. The music itself is quite various, from the rhythm noise to the power noise. It’s quality, powerful and interesting. Browse N|B|K site to get the idea of how the music sounds there are samples.
Misery – Live 20.05.04. I’ve spotted this CD on the sellpoint in the club and was surprised that my old pal Misery haven’t told me anything about it. Usually he releases extremely small editions of tapes and here we have quality printed CD-R (but still 99 copies edition). Of course I couldn’t resist and got this CD-R from him directly. I always liked Misery, it’s quite proper ritual noise ambient. I’ve been on several of his shows and always was impressed by solid performance and proper atmosphere he creates. I also have almost all of his rare tape releases and I’m proud of it. Unfortunately, he has no site for you to browse.
Control – Affliction. I’ve bought this CD right after the Control finished his set at that gig. As I said I liked his music and didn’t wait long to sacrifice some money for the CD.
And the final CD I’ve bought today is Maurizio Bianchi / Land Use – Psychoneurose CD. My friend Misery recomended it to me today. I went to Manifold Records site, listened to samples, got hooked and bought this record. This is rather deep, noisy and layered dark ambient. The kind I like. By the way, that label pleased me once with the SleepResearch_Facility CDs. I recomend them to anyone who likes proper dark ambient. So that’s it, I’m charged for several days/weeks with some dark atmospheres for my soul :)

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