Therapy Through Violence

Just returned from the power electronics show ‘Therapy Through Violence’. It was quite interesting and featured such projects from the USA as Sickness, Control and Slogun.
Sickness is quite chaotic noise generated by the metal plate that’s in the hands of the Chris Gudro. It was quite eccentric and brutal sound. The performance was rather short, about 15 mins, but that was quite enough to transmit the message.
Next was Control. I liked it more because of its very quality wall of noise and the screaming of Thomas Garrison. He’s by the way is the sound engineer of the Misanthrope Studio. I’ve bought his record there in the club and asked him for the autograph ;)
The next was Slogun. This one was much anticipated by me because I heard some recordings of it and I was interested how it sounds live. Well it sounds powerful. I liked the way how John Balistreri acts on the scene. He behaves quite aggressive and screams right into the faces of the crowd. Also he gives people to scream into his mic. That turns people on. The sound is also very heavy and mind destroying. Quite energetic and unfortunately short performance. I’m glad these mean acts visited Moscow. They spiced up this autumn. Here are a few pics I made there.

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  1. Speed Says:

    read ur site from mobile opera – looks cool :)
    but coulndt comment – it bitches on empty comment field

  2. Vondur Says:


  3. elek Says:

    There is a band, 3 Inches of Blood, demo tracks can be found on iTunes, (try deadly sinners) they are coming to Europe, if they stop in your neighborhood see them Von!

  4. Vondur Says:

    elek, well i’ve found them but these aren’t my cup of tea. i never was into this kind of metal. i was into more dark and evil shit ;) and i’m into something more experimental these days. i still listen to metal but only about 5 my fave bands, that’s it.

  5. Toroid Says:

    hehe :)

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