entering games

Since I’ve returned to playing games I started with the custom D3 levels I wanted to play long ago. The first one is by Zombie: A Place Of Malice. This is a ‘dig site’ type o level. It’s vast and complex. Zombie has made alot of modeling for this one and it’s very quality. Gameplay is smooth but most of all I liked the looks and the fact that this is the site level but not the base one. Highly recommended. Oh and it’s for the ROE mission pack, so you should have it to play this level.
The second level I played is recently released Evacuation Protocol by Guy Burkhart. This one is very big as well but set in the base environment. Still, it’s very quality and balanced level. I recommend this one as well.
Finished Serious Sam 2 first episode. Well this is the same SS game, nothing changed: more crazy horde combats, more silly Sam jokes, ugly models and animation of NPCs, alot of colors and sun and open air. But I still love this game for its brainless action and eye pleasing environments. Gonna finish it :)

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