New Hardware

At last, the time has come! I’ve upgraded my system after all these years of patient waiting. And this is rather powerful upgrade: I’ve changed motherboard, CPU, videocard, PSU and memory. I’m now proud owner of GF7800GT card with Athlon64 CPU! I tried Doom 3 and it just flies at 1280×768 with high graphic settings! And I can see all these funky effects! Now I’ll be able to play all the modern games without any discomfort and crashes and fps dropdowns :)

2 Responses to “New Hardware”

  1. pauk Says:

    Two words – “You GIT!” That is all :D.

    What were you running before?

  2. Vondur Says:

    hehe, yes i am!
    well i run gf4ti4200. also, i’ve borrowed it from work, it isn’t even mine! the card I’ve bought last time for myself was gf2pro! so i have a right to buy this one isn’t it? :)

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