Autumn Evenings

I’m visiting alot of cultural events these days. This autumn is quite hot in all aspects. Been on the The Living Jarboe show this friday. I never heard Swans or Jarboe before, but I’ve dowloaded one track to get the idea, liked it and decided to go to the show. It was quite okay one. The music is rather nice hard rock with some gothic touches. The Jarboe herself sang quite well. It was nice experience for me to visit the show of the band I never listened before. People around were happy to hear every song but I was just enjoying my state listening to loud and groovy music. Oh the band has 2 drummers! This is quite peculiar feature. I liked their synchronous play, it added alot of energy to the songs. Overall, I liked the show.
And today I been on the Indie-Vision american film festival. Got to see The Doom Generation. Well this is rather funny movie, it mixes trash horror, wild sex, violence and tender relationships of the lovers. Good one for the underground movie fans.

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