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Bought three cds today: first one is Der Blutharsch, this CD is a quite interesting live recording of DB. I’d say it’s the first live of them I’ve ever listened. No electricity there, only usual guitars, harmoniums, percussions and vocals. There are as familiar tracks as the new ones. Loved ones from the ‘Time is thee enemy!’ album. Very peculiar release and must have for the DB fans. Second is Asmus Tietchens’ Оґ-menge. Well this one is 4th album in the menge bunch, I’ve got all the other and this one is further development of the idea. As expected it’s sterile and pure digital processing by acknowledged master of headphone music. And the third and the most anticipated CD/DVD is the Brighter Death Now – Disobey. This is live dual album of BDN recorded back in 1997(CD) and 2003(DVD) in Rostock, Germany. “Brighter Death Now is a wolf in womens clothing; always on the prowl, never letting go” – as Coldmeat site says. I’m in love with this project since last november when I been on their show here in Moscow. This is extra heavy and brutal industrial with harsh noises and cruel message. This is one of my favorites on the noise/industrial scene.

Oh, and Quake IV have gone gold… this means I’ll have to upgrade my system soon. Damned computer won’t play any modern game properly: everything crashes, especially d3x games… And I’d love to play Serious Sam 2 and Age of Empires III and Dungeon Siege II and… oh well…

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  1. ELEK Says:

    I love the newest batch of photos. Absolutely gorgeous imagery. I hope all is going well for you.


  2. Vondur Says:

    oh, it’s nice to see you here, elek :)
    yeah things go nice in this end of the Earth

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