Oh, here we are!

At last! I’ve finished tinkering with php and css so you can enjoy this new and shiny site. I’ll polish it more with time, fix some links, add tiny new features and maybe themes. Oh and I hope here’ll be new content ;) But for now it’s just all new dynamic engine in all its glory! No more messing with html with every update! Big thanks goes to WordPress and Gallery2 teams for their efforts and great engines!

Oh btw, in case you wondered what happened to the old War Supply site title. Well, I decided to change it because I considered it obsolete. The current title might be temporary, the time it’ll hang here depends on the boredom factor. If it starts making me mad I’ll change it to something different. For those of you who’s still reading this post and wondering why I’ve chosen this title, well the answer is clear: this is the ship name from one of the Iain Banks novells :)

7 Responses to “Oh, here we are!”

  1. Gom Jabbar Says:

    Vondur si teh r4wk!

  2. popaka Says:

    Uber tight as I’d expect from this master of evil tightness.


  3. Frib Says:

    I give this site a rating of 5 fish! Hurrah!

    > > > > >

  4. Frib Says:

    fish didn’t work.. I knew I’d break something. :D

  5. RPG Says:

    But but but all the VWS signs on Von maps are now obsolete! Oh horror! Please bring back the precious previous title which has comforted me in my dark hours!

  6. Vondur Says:

    rpg, that’s all history covered with cobwebs and dust. only devoted people will know the meaning of those logos ;)

    frib, you rock :)

    pope, it’s gonna be even tighter, i’m workin on it.

    gohm, zee!

  7. PuLSaR Says:

    This site i teh best. vondur rocks!

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