Under the sign of riff

r-904712-11712763851I’ve got heavy package from tr-1179443-11987131781he Rise Above Records recently. Since I’m now official fan of stoner doom, UK’s Electric Wizard are my icon now. I gathered almost full discography now, the cds I’ve got are their early releases. “Let Us Prey”, “Come my Fanatics”, “We Live”, where earlier stuff is more low-fi and psychodelic and later stuff is more heavy. This is the band one must listen at full folume to blow his (her) r-736640-11534962101head off, heaivest riffs possible, mad lyrics and overal oppressive atmosphere is what general doom fan would dig.

r-1265419-12048571911And another CD is by Acid King“The Early Years”, american stoner doom band which I found on the internet digging for more doom. They are pretty good as well, along with proper heaviness of music there’s nice female vocals, not those vocals you might have assumed, but somehwat brutal and ragged. This exact CD is a collection of their early works released by japanese label “Leaf Hound”. It’s kinda hard to get their albums I must say, alot of distros do not have them, but this is what makes hunting for proper music more interesting. So, I’m yet to get their two main full lengths “III” and “Bussy Woods”.

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  1. kabuki Says:

    meeeeh – checked your site for new photos. And ended up here – at a post about music I love too. Greatly appreciate your recommendations and will try to get my greedy little fingers on it ^_^

  2. Vondur Says:

    hello kabuki :) good luck finding heavyness!

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