Just got the Masters of Doom book and reading it nonstop. Rather well written and interesting read. There’re alot of interesting facts from the history of id, some of them sad, others are very funny. Recommended for any id fan :) Also, I’ve finished Darwinia. It took almost 10 days of my life and I must say that these evenings were full of new experience and fun. Very good and innovative game, I’d recommend it for anyone who looks for the new experience in gaming. Oh, and another thing I’d recommend. Found the program I dreamed of for ages: NASA’s World Wind. This program is interactive globe with hi-res satellite images of the Earth surface, that includes relief too (!). So you can estimate the real height of the Tibetan mountains or Fuji. Also, there’s Earth disasters guide: the program downloads the latest satellite images of various things like dust storms, typhoons, etc. from the NASA server and makes some kind of a tour over the Earth’ surface showing you these images like you’re a god. Very well done program, and it’s free! And there are few other progs for you to play with btw.

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