Cold spring in action

Pun intended though. This is the beginning of april here, but cold winds, filled with snow blow mercilessly for several days already. No sign of warm and sunny weather. This is the perfect time to receive package from Cold Spring and another lables of this kind.

r-1646456-12343082661First CD is Sistrenatus – “Sensitive Distrurbance”. This is quite various sounding piece. From pure noise to some rhythmic and pounding sounds. It feels a bit different from the previous album Division One. The music is more mature and interesting, still cold and merciless.

csr113cd1Satori – “Contempus Mundi”. This is dark ambient of a good type. Nothing special about it. Just another dark ambient album.

r-1547529-12278046431Nadja / Atavist / Satori – “Infernal procession … and then everything dies”. This is a split of 3 nice acts. 2 of them are very slow doom. Good autmn induced release. Suits this cold spring very well. It also going to serve me during the hot summer do cool me down ;)

r-1623861-12328769371Aghast – “Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis”. If you’re old enough and were into early most cruel and proper black metal, you’d probable be filled with nostalgia when you see the cover art of this cd. Yes this is that old weird ritual whitch music. Performed by the two dark ladies, this dark ritual hex music still causes shivers down my spine. I’m glad it’s reissued so I finally can throw out cassette and mp3 files. Kudos to Eternal Pride for this.

r-1682393-12366226601Lustmord – “The dark places of the Earth”. This is the mutated “Other” album. And mutated into something which I kinda expected from Lustmord for the last several years. For me it reminds Heresy album very much, where Heresi being my fave one of Brian’s work. So for all the Lustmord lovers out there this one should cause good nostalgic feel. Add here modern music making technology and more powerful basses.

r-868754-11673359771Circular – “Shaping the unknown”. This is fine Loki foundation release. Complex ambient by the member of Fjernlys project. For some reason I don’t dig Fjernlys, but this one is very nice. It kinda reminds Inade by the complex structure but it’s less dark, still interesting to listen to. This is one of those kinds of ambient where it is not boring.

r-1578995-12318638591Wolfskin – “O Ajuntar Das Sombras”. This is one of my fave dark ambient projects. I like it for primal darkness it brings, that’s because the sound comes from the dark abyss here. At least it causes such feeling for me. Previous album – Campos De MatanГ§a was even more dark though.

r-1700384-12378358581My Dying Bride“For Lies I Sire”. Finally, my fave MDB have released their new album. I pre-ordered it and got several days ago. Well, what can I say, MDB still are top notch doom musicians out there. They still push it forward, making very quality music. The music is very heavy as emotionally as atmospherically. Everything is done properly there, from the vocals to lyrics. I’m glad to hear violin is back, it’s now more sinister and heavy, if you can say so about violin. All in all, fine new album!

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  1. Frib Says:

    I’m listening to “For Lies I Sire” now – great stuff! It was on my list already, but I bought it immediately when I saw your recommendation. I am not a huge doom fan and I have not heard any My Dying Bride before, but you cannot deny that this is a very classy album.

  2. Vondur Says:

    Why hello, Frib! :)
    Glad my silly short music reviews are helpful. And I’m glad you liked My Dying Bride, these guys are indeed great. I like this CD more and more every time I listen to it. If you liked this album you might want to try “The Line of Deathless Kings” as well.

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