2008 + 1

Today IВ  continue tradition of this post. This year was quite cool in terms of new music. I submerged to the new (for me) stoner doom genre. And I’m still enjoying old metal music. Industrial kinda withered for me lately, but blame lack of noise/industrial shows which should keep the spirit. So, here are a few of the releases that will be remembered/played by me for the long time.

  • Electric Wizard – “Dopethrone” – The band that renewed my views on the doom metal and rock in general. Actually I like all their albums. Yes I worship them.
  • Antlers Mulm – “Withered Sparks” – Original sound and atmosphere. Experience you’ll never forget.
  • Earth – “Hibernaculum” – Entire year have passed under the slow rhythms of Earth
  • SUNN O))) – “Black One” – This album started it all.

As you can see, this entire year was under the sign of slo-mo. Not sure why but this stoner metal moves me a lot recently. Especially the Electric Wizard band. They properly mixed uber heavy riffs with chtonic atmosphere, this mix is just for my soul. Good old industrial music is on background now. Everything changes which isn’t bad. We’ll see what 2009 brings.

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