Northern adventures

Actually I had to post this quite some time ago but just was kind of busy with crunches at work and extensive WoW raiding at home. So here it goes, since my last update alot have changed. I’ve changed the guild, bought WotLK and finished it. Meaning, my new guild have killed all possible bosses in the new expansion 10th December. That’s actually two weeks ago. Yes, we’re pretty hardcore these days and progress with fast pace through the content. As for the content itself, Northrend is a very well designed place in terms of landscapes and quests quality. It feels better than Outland, probably because it’s in Azeroth and everything feels at home. Outland was too alien I guess ;) The main raid dungeon Naxxramas is kinda easy for us, but I think it’s good because I was tired of Sunwell Plateau’s cruelty. We storm through it in a fun and relaxed pace and I like it. Though, there is encounter in the expansion which I consider is the best in the game – the fight with Malygos. Very well designed and complex fight introducing new things like flying on the platforms and on the drakes. AwesomeВ  done fight. I hope there will be something no less interesting in the Ulduar when it ships. This week my guild is relaxing due to x-mas celebrations and prepares for future victories doing achievements in heroic 5 man instances in lazy mode. So, generally speaking my WoW life is in some quiet mode these days which is good because I can now sleep more and try playing other games :)

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