New Quakes

Well, with all these announcements and trailers and whatnot I’ve got the desire to update this dusty site. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Only this title makes me feel sick. They’ve mixed up everything! Wolfenstein and Quake in one game! What the fuck? Pursuing greed they do anything to shake player’s wallets… Sigh that’s so sad… Although, Quake 4 teaser looked much like Doom 3, but still it had strong Q2 feel to it which is rather good. Oh, and Unreal3 screenies looked astounding, amazing detail level on textures and architecture. An all that E3 trailers that show PS3 and Xbox360 games… These are just cinema quality games. This will never stop… Now some bytes about myself. I’m still into the old sci-fi, got loads of movies and gonna watch them soon. I liked Night of the Demon in particular. Gonna watch Carpenter’s Dark Star, the first The Thing movie, Earth vs the Flying Saucers and other sweetness :)

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