Autumn Darkthrones

“Darkthrones and Black Flags” finally arrived, like 10 days after the release. Kudos to Peaceville for fast delivery. Well I’d say this album is much better than previous one. Darkthrone developed their new style they took in F.O.A.D. album to the new level. It’s more polished, more complicated musically and still radiates madness. I’m glad they keep it true and do not loose the touch. The motto of the album which is printed on the back is “break the chains!”.В  This is exactly what they do.

Second fat CD is Darkthrone’s archive called “Frostland Tapes”. This release is for Darkthrone fans like me, I doubt it’s interesting for the normal people. There are demos from 1988-89, live in Denmark in 1990 and rare instrumental version of the Goatlord album recorded in 1991. So this is pretty yummy load of the nostalgia for me.

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