The less you know, the better

New musics have arrived into my grim domain. One of the main CDs is of course Lustmord “Other”. Finally, something new from the good old B. This time he cooperated with the people from Tool, Melvins and Isis. This added to his usual dark ambient some guitar droning. I wouldn’t say this is something revolutionary in the dark ambient genre,В  but knowing Lustmord for his quality you won’t be dissapointed with this CD. It reminds Juggernaut album, but it’s more deep.

Another release that was spotted on Lustmord’ site is his mixes of the Puscifer album “V is for Vagina” called “D is for Dubby”. I bought this album in mp3 form thinking I won’t be able to get it in plastic form for quite some time. Yes, I liked samples on the site so much. This is indeed top quality dub mixes with trademark Lustmord darkness. Just try those samples on Puscifer site and see what I mean.

While in the record store I spotted some CDs of my long ago fave band The Birthday Massacre (hey Jesse!). I was amazed ot see their releases here in Moscow, so I bought one CD instantly. That’s “Walking with Strangers”.В  It’s not as atmospheric as their old “Violet” album, it’s even more harsh and noisy even. But music is still the same nice goth thingy. This is the only goth rock band I listen to btw :)

Since I’m back into doom metal (thanks to SUNN O))), I’ve bought Cathedral’s last CD – “The Garden Of Unearthly Delights”. This is another proper doom metal release, more fast than the older ones, but still kicking my doom head properly. I went to the Lee Dorrian’s label site the same day I got this album and ordered alot of proper stoner doom there, more on it later when it arrives from UK.

Next goes mad svensk viking Nordvargr who produces albums like robot. This is “Pyrrhula”;, this release reminds his “Awaken” album. It even has some kind of remix track from Awaken. It’s proper Nordvargr’s grim music from north. What else can I say? I’m Nordvargr worshipper so I love all his albums before i hear them :)

Next CD is Nordvargr/Drakh/Klier – “The less you know, the better”. This is collaboration of those evil swedes. Quite nice mix of dark ambient with glitch and clicks. But where all those clicky stuff won’t make the album lighter. Dark side of the music prevails there. I think this is thanks to Nordvargr is involved there.

Last weekend I was on the Sonne Hagal concert. Was quite impressed by the work of masters of neofolk jenre. There was also acoustic performance of my fave Of The Wand and The Moon which was also quite nice. So, I never heard Sonne Hagal before but their music inspired me to get their last album “Jordanfrost”. The music is calm but steadfast, the vocal is what makes this neofolk jenre so attractive generally, and the vocal of the lead singer is what makes this project so attractive.

I’ve got Troum’s “Ryna” CD as well. I just thought that I didn’t get any Troum releases recently, and decided to refresh my collection with something new. This is typical Troum without something unusual. The same tranquil guitar drones that move your mind out of existence. The music is very good for sleep and meditation.

Final CD is split Misery/Neznamo. These two projects are by my friends who develop their music for quite some time now (like around 15 years now). This split is quite solid work showing the result of their efforts and growth. Neznamo track is calming ambient with some ritual touches. Misery track is looped sample with noisy background, which created impenetrable wall of depression (not because of the noise, but because of the atmosphere it creates).

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  1. pope Says:

    i will have to check out a handful of these tasty bits

    also “"Violet"” is left in your post

  2. Vondur Says:

    yea somehow wordpress destroyed all quots. fixed

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