October fire

This is “hello I’m alive” type of update. The music side of my life is quite calm at the moment, no new releases were obtained since last update, maybe something cool will appear soon though. The gaming part is quite busy. My old guild Origin have disbanded, but can you imagine that during the last raid to the Black Temple I’ve got second Warglaive. The luck was on my side at that time. A pity the great guild have disbanded like 2-3 days after this, so I decided to transfer to another server and join another guild known as OTD that tries to conquer Sunwell Plateau. I’m there for like one month now, and it seems a friendly place to be. Hope to conquer WotLK content with them.


I’ve finally finished God of War: Chains of Olympus in nightmare mode. It took me 2 months! After this I’ve completed all 5 challenges. What a great game! I never was bored to retry my attempts there, not sure why, probably because the game plays so smoothly and cool, I wanted to play it again and again. Highly recommended game. Now, friends presented me Patapon and MGS: Portable Ops, these two are next on my dissecting table :)

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