Photogallery is back!

Thanks to the almighty briton Pauk “the busy” Healey I’ve got alot of disk space for my photogallery. There’s no new images so far, only old archive. But I promise to add new images from my Thailand and Croatia trips as soon as possible, stay tuned!

On a side note i’d like to thank the development team of the Plogger engine. This engine is indeed not bloated and heavy. It’s very functional and easy to use thing. It’s not that mess of the gallery I used ot have before. Plogger is highly recommended for those who’s looking for the proper image gallery.

3 Responses to “Photogallery is back!”

  1. Pauk Says:

    Yay! Glad to be of service :) Now get uploading!

  2. Spirit Says:

    Soon means before the next time you launch that filthy and unhealthy thing called WOW I hope!

  3. Vondur Says:

    well of course raids will interfere with that, hope to do that this weekend if i’m not too drunk or something ;)

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