God of War: Chains of Olympus

Finished this amazing game last week during the vacation. This one is another example of top quality game for PSP. The game catches from the beginning with non stop action and various combat situations, like miniboss fight rapitly switching to the proper bossfight without time to relax. You move forward smashing skulls of the enemies, destroying environment and moving objects. Add here one of the best graphics on PSP I’ve ever seen and cool story which forces to play till the end. Upon completion there’re new challenges and God Mode (very hard) becomes available. And when you complete God Mode there are even more goodies will be opened in the game, from “the making of ” movie to the new secret levels. So, what do you think? I started replaying this game in God Mode now, yes it’s so cool and has awesome replayability. Highly recommended!

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  1. popa Says:

    13th,are you ready for the popa invasion!

    i’m still in Yoshkar-Ola

    mosquito bites and pelmeny

  2. Vondur Says:

    yes i’m ready, waiting for the call :)

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