Stoning rhymes

Being under deep impression of stoner doom I started digging Southern Lord label bands. This time I’ve got Earth’s “The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull”. This is the same slow rock like Hibernaculum. The music so relaxing and dark, that all my nature reverberates with its low frequency guitars. I think I’m gonna dig more of this stuff, this music is like drugs, you constantly craving for more. Same goes for SUNN O))).

Next CD is by Deutsch Nepal’s “Dystopian Partycollection”. This is a compilation of the various releases of DN that were released on vinyls and cassettes. This is quite valuable release for those who has no turntable but loves Deutsch Nepal, i.e. it’s exactly for me. This is quite nice release featuring alot of tracks with Lina’a cozy vocals and industrial dronings. Get it if you like Deutsch Nepal!

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