Blowing the dust off the site

Quite alot of time have passed since the last update. The reason is ismple: lack of time and inspiration to write something. Or you can call it general laziness. Anyway, the May turned to be unusually cold here, we were trying to survive chilling winds and rains here during the last two weeks, but seems things slowly turning back to normal summer schedule and one can go outside without thermal suit. And it seems nothing is able to push me to restore my photogallery back… I know the real reason of this, apart from laziness, I just don’t have new pics to show, so I really hope when I get new ones during my vacation two months later, I’ll just have no excuse not to revive my gallery. Until then, take it easy :)

But the point of this update to tell you about the last 4 recordings I’ve got recently. All of them (except DI6) came from the grim Southern Lord records. Lately, I became big fan of stoner rock and ordered some music of this kind. Southern Lord is considered the father label for such type of music and projects like Earth and SUNN O))) are the flagships of this genre. The first CD is Earth “Hibernaculum”. This is very slow rock, yet it’s heavy and moody. The first track is very catchy, it embedded itself to my head quite seriously, so i’m now walking with it sounding in my head looped all the time. Very nice album in general it also suits for the cold spring which passes beyond. There’s also compaion DVD with the interview and some bits of live of the band. Might come handy later when I’ll be serious fan of Earth.

Next CD is SUNN O)))“Black One”. One of their top albums, very dark, slow and heavy droning… The music that fills everything within you with thick riffs and hellish darkness. This type of music always touched me by its primitivism and grimness. It’s not usual type of industrial electrodrones, it’s guitar based noise, which is always more alive you you can tell so. And if it treated with proper touch this guitar drone might become really heavy and nice sounding. I think I’ll start gathering SUNN O))) bit by bit in the future, though I’ll select carefully their albums as they’re quite varied by nature.

The next project atteacted my attention just because it features two types: Lee Dorrian of Cathedral and Stephen O’Malley of SUNN O))). This toxic mix resulted in uber heavy doom project. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine“Rampton”. The music is the extra slow and heavy doom, that sometimes goes to kind of infra frequencies and destroy my ears. Lee’s vocals also add that special Cathedral’s atmosphere of bizarre. There are just three very lengthy tracks with somewhat funny titles like “New pants and shirt”, but it’s kinda hard to connect the music with such a funny title. Very cool project with just one single album. I think there’s no need for the second album as it will be impossible to outmatch the original.

And the final CD is by the good old Death in June“The rule of Thirds”. This last album of the DI6 is quite light. I mean there’s just guitar plus some additional handmade thumps and sounds and of course nice vocal of D.Pierce. There’s no noises and all that stuff, just pure neo folk without any additional spices. Quite good and relaxing album for the DI6 fans.

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