Just a little note to those who’s wondering where the heck is my photo gallery – I took it offline because I ran out of space on this miserable hosting (just have 400megs) and not sure where to put my pics at the moment. Also, there was nothing new for the long period of time and that was another reason I took the gallery off as the old pics bored me immensely. Sorry to those who came here from the other sites that have links to my gallery…

6 Responses to “Photogallery”

  1. Kell Says:

    Awww. That was a lot of great photos to ditch. Now you’ll just have to build the gallery back up again. Would have liked to have seen pics from last winter, but anything will do :)

  2. Vondur Says:

    Kell, I’ve got a hand of help from our fellow germans of fov120 league. There’s high possibility I’ll put my gallery at their vast storage, so no worries :)

  3. Pauk Says:

    I’ve got 750GB to play with, so if you need any space, just lemme know :)

  4. Vondur Says:

    Now only thing I have to do is to select one from both which is kinda hard… I’m stuck now :)

  5. ELEK Says:

    hey, put it on Flickr it is cheap cheap cheap

  6. Vondur Says:

    no way! i hate flickr :)

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