Cyclic Dark Ambience

tholen.jpgBeen on the Cyclic Law concert last weekend featuring Northaunt and Svartsinn. There was Kammarheit also promised, but he didn’t appear. Well, the show was calm and tranquill and balanced. What else one can expect from the Cyclic Law artists – dark ambient without any particular sinister or satanic message. Just moody cosmic darkness. northaunt.jpgIndeed, as once Lustmord said when someone asked him in the interview why didn’t he make live performances, and he said that it wouldn’t be interesting to see at him messing with some equipment. It was the same on this show. Though, Northaunt man picked up the guitar to animate up the show a bit, like there’s live sound. Of course, the video helped to create mood as well, but still, this is not music for the concerts. It’s for the headphones, solitude and dreams… Still, being dark ambient collector sinkedus.jpgI couldn’t resist and bought 3 new Cyclic Law releases, such as: Tholen – “Sternklang”, this one is quite general dark ambient, sometimes you can hear there nice melody which adds that spice to the monotonous dark ambient texture. Next one is Northaunt“Horizons” – this album was featured on this show. Again, dark ambient at its best: polished, moody and, uhm dark. If you’re in the proper mood this album might deliver your soul somewhere indeed. And the last one is the new project on CL – Sinke DГ»s – “Akrasia”. This is very spacious ambient, reiminds other Cyclic Law releases in general, i.e. nothing remarkable but could suit certain seasonal moods. If you’re interested, there are samples of all abovementioned albums on the label’s site.


I’ve also met my old friend who’s now running the ambient Moonsun label. He presented me the first release of the label his project Neznamo – “Seme>Zemlya”. This is short release featuring two 10 min tracks. The music is light ambient which is quite tranquil and thinly structured. As label states this is “Protoslavonic ritual ambient soundscapes”. Quite good first release of the label, gonna get second CD of the trilogy as well. Btw, all releases of the label available in .flac format for free, so if you’re interested you can snatch them.

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  1. Spirit Says:

    Ooooh, there’s got to be something of my taste in here.
    Shame about Kammerheit. :\

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