Feeling guilty that this blog is covered with the old dust of 2007 I decided to update it. And having no creativity as my brain is completely melted due to excessive raiding in WoW and playing alot of Call of Duty 4, I’ve just stole the idea from czg’s blog and decided to post the list of the most remarkable albums I’ve got during the year of 2007 (let it be 10 albums cap in no particular order):

  • Gallhammer “Ill Innocence“ – This is a nice and sincere metal band.
  • Toroidh – “Segervittring“ – Proper martial industrial, hard to forget.
  • Nordvargr – “In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown……To Live Again As a Servant of Darkness”Something new from the dark swede.
  • Type O Negative – “Dead Again” – Old dogs bring fresh sound and hope.
  • Land:Fire – “Physical Mental Psychological” – Proper military industrial I’m always looking for.
  • Derniere Volonte – “Les Blessures De L’Ombre” – Ear pleasing military pop.
  • Hilter – “Sexfilms” – Alot of nice ideas from obscure project.
  • Nordvarg, Beyond Sensory Experience vs Kenji Siratori – “Hypergenome666“ – The quintessence of evil and darkness and technology.
  • Sleep_Research Facility – “Deep Frieze“ – Proper glacier ambient.
  • Rasthof Dachau – “Prison Poem“ – Merciless power electronics.

This year definately passed under the sign of Nordvargr, there was so much releases from him that it seems I listened to his music all the time. From the metal side oldies like Darkthrone and Type O Negative pleased my soul with their proper releases nevertheless. Overall this was good year from music side, showing that there’s still gems in the old genres like noise industrial, minimal electronic and good old metal.

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