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Of course I’ve bought and finished playing Orange Box. And I’m once again impressed by what Valve did. Episode 2 turned to be no less fun to play than the rest of the HL2. Portal is damn addictive game, yet atmospheric. This is not what I was expecting from some puzzle like game. I hope there will be more Portal levels to play in the future. One downpoint of all this new stuff is that it is painfully short. I want more! Team Fortress 2 is as fun as good old Quakeworld, every class has its own cool features. And I’m yet to discover full potential of the classes. Once again Valve proved to be one of the best game developers out there and they know what kind of fun to deliver. They also added nice Community feature to Steam, so you can communicate with fellow geeks like me and play and chat together. Valve are gods indeed!

I didn’t write about my WoW achievements for quite some time. Well, the PVE progress is slowly but steady there. I’ve got full T4 set by now, our guild have started doing evil Serpentshrine Cavern raid instance. We’re learning new bosses and having general WoW fun. Everyone in the game’s awaiting for the new 2.3 patch which will feature new 10 man instance Zul’aman, and a lot of new other content. So WoW addiction still exists and I’m not sure when it will end ;)

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  1. Pauk Says:

    Aye, I was really impressed with Portal. I want more too! I’ve not played any TF2, doesn’t really appeal to me. I bought the Orange Box for Ep2 and Portal…. which reminds me I’m gonna go boot into Windows and play Ep2 :D

    Oh and WoW. DAMN YOU! One day I’ll get to lvl 30!

  2. Vondur Says:

    Yes, Pauk wtf, go play wow :)

  3. pope Says:

    i was high when i met you,
    but i guess you’ve forgotten,
    about all of those things,
    that can make you feel sad.
    so you took all my dreams,
    and some things that you’ve gotten,
    from the robots that love you.
    well it seems you’ve gone mad.

  4. kabuki Says:

    *omfgbbq* you play wow??? Eh, I better just check your blog more frequently ^.^

  5. Vondur Says:

    what? you do too? ;)

  6. kabuki Says:

    No, I stick to Guild Wars ^.^

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