Back from the Asia

Sadly, but my vacation is over and I’m back to biz. I loved Thailand despite it being hot. The warm Indian ocean, wide Bang Tao bay, nice Laguna Beach resort, palm trees, smily thai people. Bangkok was completely different experience from the beaches. Contrast of the poor and rich blocks of the city is astonishing. We lived on the 51th floor of the 84 floor Baiyoke Sky Hotel and nearby the building there was chinese market with sham jeans and other shit like boiled corn, etc. The city reminded me Bladerunner movie very much. All those japanese type trainways, alot of little shops, heat, steam, crowds of people – asia as it is. Overall it was very pleasant experience to be in Thailand. It was my first visit abroad and it was pretty successful. My host is being silly and won’t give me more than 400 megabytes of the disk space, so I have no space for my Thailand picture gallery at the moment. Maybe there will be ways to store my gallery on the friendly host of Paul, we shall see.

Started reading next Alastair Reynolds book “Redemption Ark”. It’s immersive proper sci-fi from my fave author set in the Revelation Space universe featuring some characters from the other books. So far I’m enjoying it greatly and I hope the trend will contunue through all the 600 pages of it.

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  1. pope Says:

    welcome back to the motherland

  2. neg!ke Says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen! Webspace is a kinda cheap excuse, get ;)

  3. Vondur Says:

    neg!ke, here are to packs of pics: – part 1 – part 2

    officially, i wanted to post polished and reduced pack, so get flooded with unedited piles ;)
    i just have no enough time for the pics atm….

  4. Shambler Says:

    Welcome back Von. Cool that you went to Thailand – very far from the motherland eh! Never been myself….

  5. neg!ke Says:

    Wow, that sure is a lot of pictures.
    Many nice ones. Cool temples and rock formations. An elephant ride through the jungle? Awesome! Ox poo? That must be aggro tourism indeed. :D

    Looks like a very interesting and enjoyable trip.

  6. Vondur Says:

    yea that was fun. i miss thai already, nice country.

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