cover.jpgThis weird abbreviation is the name of the new Darkthrone EP – “New Wave of Black Heavy Metal“. I’ve just received it and listened to it twice and pretty happy for Darkthrone that they’re still making it properly and sincerely. This EP contains 2 tracks by N.Culto, which reminds old Darkthrone by their special atmosphere, 1 track by Fenriz which is more punk/heavy metal track. And the final 4th track is the cover version of some ancient US punk band Testors. I wouldn’t say that Darkthrone changed their sound completely as everyone anticipated. No, it just gained this punkish sound on certain tracks, but the tracks by N.Culto still reminds us what we listen to. Cannot wait for the full length album which is due 24th September.

On a side note, you wouldn’t have noticed anything if I wouldn’t tell you, but next site update will be 3 weeks later and hopefully with a lot of photos since I’m going on vacation far far away, and hope to bring a lot of new exciting images.

6 Responses to “NWOBHM”

  1. Bal Says:

    Have a nice vacation Von!

  2. Vondur Says:

    ya, thanks Bal :)

  3. Gom Jabbar Says:

    Yeah, have loads of fun and take some CDs with you to help you through the rainy days over there. :)

    Oh, btw, I demand pics of your hols asap!

  4. Vondur Says:

    yea, hope it won’t be too rainy there ;)

  5. neg|ke Says:

    And don’t forget to report on all the strange food and unknown diseases! ;)

  6. Vondur Says:

    sure, if i survive ;)

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