Walking on Glass

Just finished reading this amazing book. I liked the way it was built: divided on three parallel stories that connected to each other very delicately. Every story has its own interesting and unpredictable development and intrigued me till the book’s end. As usual, Banks satisfied me completely and it was a pity such a nice book was going to the end, this is what happens almost every time I read his books. The next book’s gonna be Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Capricorn”. The author who writes very lively about the life itself and one of his primary subjects is women. I’ve read “Tropic of Cancer” several years ago and now going to explore him more.

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  1. Shambler Says:

    Agreed it is a quality book, definitely one of Bank’s old-style best. A prime example of “unreal fiction”. A bit of a pity he’s strayed away from that but at least his M work is still as entertaining.

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