Rare update about things

Well, I felt like dropping a line here. I’m so lazy to prepare new photos for the site I hate myself. From the other side I don’t like them much, so I’d rather keep em on my hard drive till I get the new better ones.

From the other news I was lucky enough (orly?) to get original Windows Vista Ultimate straight off MS and decided to play with it. Well, since I have 64-bit Athlon I decided to install 64-bit version first and see what it is like. The interface is cute, though it looks like desperate attempt to catch Mac design. The GUI devours memory like hell. In idle state Vista ate 800Mb of RAM. Good thing I’ve upgraded my memory to 2Gb recently, so my computer didn’t choke. As for the gaming, well it was very bad. WoW was like 10-20FPS all the time comparing to 30-60FPS in the old WinXP. WTF? I tolerated this shit for like a week then decided to try 32-bit version. The performance is still poor but alot better. WoW fps is now 20-30 which is kinda acceptable but still not enough. What’s the point of releasing such slow OS? So much years of developing and instead of progress we’re getting regress? Or should I go and upgrade my computer installing quadro CPU with SLI gfx cards? Was that the intention of MS to pull the last moneys off us with their new pretty OS? And I don’t see any rumours about improving its performance in the games in near future… At least latest NVidia drivers helped a bit but that’s not sufficient…

As for the interface, well, it looks good and all, but… You probably seen that side panel screenshots with cute clock and all that shit? Now imagine my surprise when playing WoW I’ve discovered it drops its framerate every second. Like everything is smooth, but there’s that little jerk every second… I thought that this is some kind of WoW problem or my videocard. But when I turned off the goddamn clock on the side panel the jerking have gone! WTF is that? Clock that significantly reduces the performance of the game! And MS claims this OS is for gaming! Go improve the performance of your bloatware, MS!

4 Responses to “Rare update about things”

  1. Spirit Says:

    It was a hint, you should stop playing WoW. :)

  2. Gom Jabbar Says:

    Why is it that both of us post an update about Vista simultaneously?

  3. Vondur Says:

    we’re mind connected through the nazi ufo research lab telescopes

  4. pope Says:

    you’re both sucker who despite all the other gaming complaints out there ignored the common feeling and installed it to ‘see for yourself’

    Anyone have any input about games designed for Vista only? Oh right guess not, because those games suck…

    I like angry Vondur posts, more please!

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