d_da01-1.jpgBeen on the Abracadabra electronics music and media art festival yesterday. That was the first day of the event (overall it’s 3), this is the most interesting day for me because it featured Cyclo – the collaboration of Ryoji Ikeda with Carsten Nicolai of Raster Noton label. The first part of the show was russian ensemble “New Music Studio“. This one was rather peculiar, imagine big ensemble of classical instruments playing experimental music with electronic background. Very fresh and innovative sound, unusual play of the classic musicians (sometimes all of them stood up and started performing tap-dancing). I liked first part a lot. After the long pause the Cyclo finally appeared with all their gear and microsound madness have started. They performed stuff from their old and my favourite album – Cyclo (2001). That was quite powerful, thanks to the proper sound system of the theater and additional minimal video on the screen. The people seem enjoyed this old stuff a lot (including me), so artists were called twice to play an encore. Overall, that was rather mind filling night. I’m glad I finally got to see Cyclo live, nevermind them paying old music.

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