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exorder.jpgHmm, seems my site reduced to monthly updated music blog. I blame too busy reallife and gaming, no time for the silly blog! Anyway, here’s new music I’ve received during last week. Ex.Order – The Infernal Age. The long deleted CD of this noise project is quite nice. The mix of military samples and noisy drones is done very well. This is no wonder, because this project is by the RenГ© Lehmann who’s also responsible for the Inade.

troum.gifNext is long awaited Troum CD – “Shutun”. As usual, the masters of guitar drones are on top. The beginning if the album is barely hearable, but with the progress of the single hour long track there’s that pulse that will bring you far away from reality if you’re in the proper mood. The release is also nicely designed, it’s round tin box with printed spiral on top. Just staring at it will make your head spin ;)

aeon_large.jpgThe next CD is a proper Australian dark ambient project from Malignant recordsTerra Sancta – Aeon. The music reminds R|A|A|N and Herbst9 alot. It’s a bit more spacey and monotonous but still good for the people who like submerging their minds the deadly deserts and ancient ruins.В  “Terra Sancta is a world of deserts, each one an eroded monument to all that is laid to waste. An echo of forgotten idols, decaying myths, buried times.” Solid dark ambient release.

oecd88-1copy.jpgAnd the last but not least comes collaboration of swedish musicians Nordvargs, Beyond Sensory Experience vs Japanese artist Kenji Siratori – “Hypergenome666“. This one is really sinister and dark release. At first, there’s evil design of the box done by UK artist Paul McCarroll. Then there’re two CDs full of pain and sickness. Add there’s mad chants in japanese language, no less mad texts in the supplied book. This all will submerge you to the mad world of sick industrial. Rather interesting release.

2 Responses to “Monthly update”

  1. pope Says:

    you need to lay off the wow. It’s reduced your blog to a music review site (which isn’t bad in itself)

    and you can’t blame busy REAL life, because thats excactly the fun stuff you get to put here.

    also hypergenome666 cover is gorgeous

  2. Vondur Says:

    ya pope, agreed, wow ate my soul

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