Another package of soundwaves

sexfilms.jpgJust received a little package from the Italian Ars Benevola Mater label. The first CD that have attracted my attention to the label was German project Hilter – “Sexfilms”. I’ll just quote from the label, as the description given on label’s site perfectly reflects the music: “An endless stream of resonating frequencies, swinging to higher harmonics to lower pitches, reflective but totally alien music, a cohesive and enjoyable collection of explicit sadist episodes expressing industrial talent with lasting potential. A great album in all, with a variety of sounds to hold it away from monotony.” Yes, this variety of sounds means samples from the adult movies, this really adds “sex in the abandoned plant” feel to this music.

gs.jpg Second CD is GS – “Metafizyka”. Quoting label again: “The six tracks which coldly paint the soundpath evoked by GS offer a series of industrial soundscapes in a sacred and tormented key, where the inviolable dark of an ancient nave meet the grieving silence of an abandoned industrial area”. Indeed, the music is very different from what I’ve heard before in the industrial genre. Very original and interesting album.

nostalgia.jpg Third CD is Nostalgia – “The House on the Borderland”. Again, I cannot mind out better description than one of the label (maybe I’m not in the mood for descriptions today?): “Based on the fantasy tale (which bears the same title) written by the clever William Hope Hodgson, “The House On The Borderland” carries symbolically the listener through pages of real terror where it’s told about the gloomy presences infesting an old house. Echoes of Lovecraft’s style for a thrilling soundtrack precariously and perpetually poised between suggestive melancholy and abysmal fear of the unknown.”

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  1. RPG Says:

    Von creates massive CD archive for preservation of amb in event of nuclear war. He even creates fortress in the woods for use as a fallout shelter!

  2. Vondur Says:

    Yes, always be ready and self-confident!

  3. pope Says:

    house on the borderland interests me

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