Dark ambience

rising50.jpgReceived two latest Lustmord’s albums from his Vaultworks today. The first one is his first live CD – “Rising” which had place in the Center of Inquiry, Los Angeles right in the day of 40th anniversary of the Church of Satan. Not that I’d call Lustmord’s music satanic or something, but it has that dark vibes which might greatly fit to the Black Mass indeed. There are remixes of the old tracks and some new material. Overall, this album is very cool, I wish I’ve been on that event.

juggernaut75.jpgSecond CD is a hot bean from the same label : “Juggernaut”. This is a collaborative effort with King Buzzo. Well, this limited CD has something new to Lustmord sound. That doomy guitar riffs and dark ambience create really heavy and dark atmosphere. The cover art really suits the music: that harsh concrete wall is what this music is. Add here military bunkers atmosphere and you’ll get the impression.

You can listen to the samples of both albums to get the better idea and if you like them, order them. It took about a week for the shipment which is rather impressive for the usual USPS post. That was my first attempt to use Paypal services and I’m satisfied customer now ;)

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  1. pope Says:

    if you view my paypal history, its 95% cd orders! \o/

    once in a while it’s a shirt

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