The Scar

scar2.jpgStarted reading this book recently. Returning back to the steam punk universe of New Crobuzon. Or is it weird fiction as some sites call it? Nevermind style, the atmosphere is rather moody there. Rust, industrial fumes, depression and overall old victorian feel, this is what this universe is. At the same time there’s AI that works on steam engines and other weird and sinister things like unspeakable horrors from parallel dimensions and ocean abyss. As I’ve read in the interview with China, The Scar is a pirate book, we’ll see ;)

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  1. Bal Says:

    It’s his best Bas-Lag book in my opinion, tigther than Perdido, and just cooler than Iron Council.
    I loved it, hope you like it. =)
    Have some of his newer stuff to get around to reading…

  2. Vondur Says:

    That’s nice, Bal :) I have Iron Council too, but i’ll get to it after some other books that are in the queue.

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