New music, again

606_1.jpgThree new CDs just arrived making me feel stuffed with the music. Anyway, first release is MВІ – “Nyx”. This CD brings new sound once again. Good old Panacea doesn’t stagnate. This release is very minimalistic, in the same time there’s still dark vibes which is trademark of the project. I’d say this one sounds not as Squaremeter as we know it. Sporadic cuts and clicks, and dark ambient background create eerie and spacious atmosphere. The text in the sleeve says “this is 24-bit recording, listen with care”, so I do exactly that :)

606_2.jpgNext comes Tribe of Circle – “Children of a Weakened God”. New album of this French martial industrial project. Well this one is again quite different from the previous works. It’s not as gloomy and dark but it’s more cruel if you allow me to tell so. untitled-1.jpgVivacious martial drums and industrial noises create strong atmosphere, add here some 40s music samples and you’re diving back to the WWII times. Very good and fresh release.

Third CD is of the Russian project Adriva – “Losung” released on the friendly Strely Peruna records. This is interesting drone ambient with a lot of radio-noises on background. Also, there’s that nice ritualistic hint and some female chants. Good release from the Russian underground scene you won’t be able to get because there’s just 100 copies ;)

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