608 CDs, is it a lot?

Well, I’ve decided to write about the history of my music collection. It turned over 600 items these days, so I think I’ll tell about how I managed to waste so much money through all these years. 605_1.jpgIt all started back in 1994 when I was a poor student, but loved music so much that I decided to start gathering collection of the original CDs no matter their cost. Price of the one CD was very big comparing to the student’ grant. But to hell with money, music is what fills the soul, so here I am, buying Mercyful Fate“In the Shadows” for 15$. I was mad fan of King Diamond those times, and that album impressed me beyond everything. I had it on cassettes before and listened to it a lot, so the choice of the first CD was obvious. 605_2.jpgAfter several months of admiring this single CD in my collection and caressing it like a baby, I decided to move further. With time, my music tastes developed, and I’ve found new, more extreme kind of music such as doom metal. Doom metal completely swallowed me that time, so even still having no money I wanted to obtain my favourite for that time My Dying Bride’ album – “Turn Loose the Swans”. It all ended with that I’ve exchanged my loved Mercyful Fate CD on this album of My Dying Bride. I thought that I grew out of heavy metal and there’s no way back. It turned there really was no way back. 605_3.jpgSo, you can consider the first CD in my collection that is still present there is that of MDB – “Turn Loose the Swans”. Going further in time (1994-95) you may find that your humble servant completely went to the darkest music possible – black metal. I was so obsessed by it that started gathering CDs of the leading bands for that time, one of the first was Burzum “Det Som Engang Var”. That were black/doom metal times, and they lasted till 1998. Till the times when these genres’ power weared out and really interesting albums stopped to be released. So, I started looking for the new kinds of music which might interest me. Back in the 1996 I was greatly inspired by the dark folk band The Moon lay Hidden beneath a Cloud. 605_4.jpgIts dark medieval atmosphere impressed me a lot. I consider this band one of the first that turned my gaze away from the metal. It forced me to seek for the new bands of this dark and somewhat unusual type of music. Thanks to my friend Misery I found a lot. Also, I’ve got access to the Internet and started digging it in pursuit of the dark music. Thus I’ve discovered experimental kinds such as: dark ambient, microsound and noise music. At the same time I was hooked by the British Drum’n’bass, thanks to Shambler. So the end of 90s and the beginning of 00s was under the electronic music sign. I was looking for the core of these genres and found labels such as 12k/line, raster-noton, etc. And Shambler greatly helped me to get the best drum’n’bass possible with his advices. This period lasted for like 2-3 years, till I found that drum’n’bass weared out with time as well, starting to repeat itself, so605_5.jpg I abandoned it, still listening to its classic releases from time to time. As for the experimental music, minimal sound still interests me, but not as much as dark ambient, power noise and industrial music which I’m big fan of these days. I’m still listening to metal, but there are only few bands left which inspire me. I’m deep into this noise/industrial music these days, and I’d say that this music is the most interesting and most varied in terms of substyles number. Every year brings somethign new there, and this trend happen to be keeping for quite some time now which is good. Also the industrial music has no bounds by default, people make it so various just because the very term industrial is very wide. bdn_gd.jpgSo this, from some point, experimental genre is very enduring. I’m not hooked by this only genre of course, I’m opened for all the new kinds of music. Though, I’m filtering it rather hard. It’s getting more harder these times though, because there’s so much projects and styles. Internet adds that variety and overloads my brains with new stuff. But this is what keeps it attractive: finding gems amongst filth ;) And I must think about more effective storage rakes now, with 600 CDs it’s quite hard to make them all easy accessible….

10 Responses to “608 CDs, is it a lot?”

  1. pope Says:

    608! I need to catch up. I don’t think I’m too far behind, but your definitely ahead. And currently collecting new ones faster than I!

  2. Vondur Says:

    i’m mad collector indeed :)

  3. Spirit Says:

    Sheesh, 600 is a lot indeed. I have ~200 and started about 4 years ago, quite a huge amount too now that I think about it!

  4. PuLSaR Says:

    wow, great collection, interesting story. I have to say that it’s hard for me to find interesting music cause I live rather far from moscow, but I still wish someday I’ll have a collection that can be compared to the size of yours

  5. Stacheldraht Says:

    Definitely alot if not a lifetime of darkness for you. :)

  6. neg!ke Says:

    i’d like to see a photo of von’s collection
    must be a pain to browse through

  7. Beyond the Wall of Sleep Says:

    […] twice in the future. If you’re interested you can find my collection here. I have to admit, Vondur’s music collection is a bit more impressive but 48 DVDs is not that bad in my humble […]

  8. Ionous Says:

    A nice musical history, it’s interesting to see the progression from Black Metal to electronica. Six years with BM for me, still interested in it.

  9. Vondur Says:

    negike, well i tried to take a pic, but it just cannot fit into the screen properly, only 1/6 of it :D

    ionous, yea, it was something like that for me with BM (6 years i mean), just cannot get modern bands, hence lack of interest.

  10. Shambler Says:

    Good entry Von, interesting to hear how your music tastes have progressed. As #func_quake’s premier guru of underground electronica, this was a long overdue blog ;).

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