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pmp_small.jpgAfter the long silence I’ve received this new little pack of music. The first CD is by Land:Fire – “Physical Mental Psychological”. I started collecting Land:Fire right after I visited their concert in Moscow, it’s strange I missed them before because I’m also a big fan of Herbst9 project by the same people. The album is dedicated to the first nuclear test called Trinity, so the music brings that military industrial secrecy feel of 50s. This CD is the predecessor of the recently released “Live at Sonic Lodge” which greatly inspired me. The original album turned to be no less interesting. It’s more detailed and varied, but maybe not as powerful as the live one.

dn_ero.jpgDeutsch Nepal – “Erotikon”. Well this one is the latest from the Lina. This album turned to be rather different from the previous Deutsch Nepal albums: it’s more rhythmic and has more vocals. I’d say it’s pretty much in Janitor vein, but still keeps that Deutsch Nepal’ gloomy feel. Good to see that Lina still evolves and brings fresh stuff, even being such an alcoaddict as we know him ;)


Next comes Isomer – “Zero Lounge”. This is an interesting dronenoise project from Australia, though it’s released on good old Tesco. This album has erotic background as well (seems erotica’s becoming a big trend in industrial music again), but you won’ t hear any sex samples there, everything is quite gentle yet dark. There’s even guitar track which adds variety to all these droning rustles. All in all, this album is a solid work.

dv.jpgDerniГЁre VolontГ© – “Les Blessures De L’Ombre”. I quite liked the mp3 samples I’ve found on the web and decided to get a couple of albums of this french military pop project. Their first albums are quite raw but the latest ones are very cool blend of military loops, dark ambient and neofolk (in DerBlutharsch vein) and very pleasant vocals of Geoffroy D. I’ve ordered their latest album as well, can’t wait to get hold of it.

And last but not least comes the obscure release of the Russian label Linija Shuma – Tsaraas – “Agrimony”. This is 3″ cd-r release has 16 minutes of very quality dark ambient music. A pity label has no site, so I cannot point you on details and such. Also the edition is 31 copies, so you won’t get it anyway. I’m not sure why did I mention it here, but still, if you ever happen to hear about the Tsaraas project, be warned this is very quality dark ambient, just remember that ;)

Oh, and now the quantity of releases in my collection turned over 600. I must celebrate that or something?

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  1. Pauk Says:

    Yes, celebrate by uploading an updated copy of your huuuggggeeee great CD collection list thingy!

  2. Vondur Says:

    hehe u picky bastid! sure thing i’ll upload as i get home :)

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