Der Brushwerk

The Jesse have started this interesting project which you can hold in your hands: the book. This is indeed interesting, at least for the level designers who spent so much time polishing their skills and whos work is decaying in the digital depths of the internet. This book might turn the attention (at least for some minutes) of the people who’s far from all this gaming stuff. I wish good luck to Jesse with this project and hope there will be alot of contributors and the book ships and everyone will be happy :)

4 Responses to “Der Brushwerk”

  1. Pauk Says:

    I would defo buy a copy from Lulu :D Actually, I wonder if I could wangle a copy by asking to proof read it… hehehehe.

  2. Vondur Says:

    oh c’mon, i’d buy it for the sake of support pope to start with, and i’m sure pope won’t make it bad or something anyway :)

  3. Pauk Says:

    I’m only joking, of course I’d buy a copy :). But I would be interested in helping out.

  4. pope Says:

    the jesse tried to post this yesterday. he wishes to try again

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